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Tina Braegger
The Grateful Dead – A Diary by Gabriel Krampus

Gabriel Krampus lives with his wife on a deserted island of the Idian Ocean. They are both artists. At 84 years old, he decides to publish his diary, written 8 years earlier, in 2059.

“To have an island all by myself was my dream since forever, to be able to work without worldly distractions. My wife had always made conceptual work. She wanted to be buried in a beautiful place, and our private little island can definitely be described as such, so now for almost 44 years she has been watching the weather change, the time pass, the ocean come and go.”

2nd Edition 2019
Texts in English
Softcover, 120 pages
170 × 110 mm
Designed by Marietta Eugster
The first edition was published by
ISBN 978-3-9524429-6-8

February 2019

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